Tuhala Witch's Well

It starts overflowing during periods of high water, although local legend puts it down to the witches who reside within it.

Padise Monastery

Padise Monastery is an architectural and historical site of great importance, not only in Estonian terms but also in those of Northern Europe as a whole.

Rebala stone barrows

The oldest and most imposing stone-cist barrows.

Jägala Waterfall

It is the widest natural waterfall in Estonia.

Pakri peninsula

Pakri peninsula

Viru bog

Jägala Waterfall

Prangli Island


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About Harju County

You can observe twelve different locations about Harju County on the virtual guide. All of the recommended areas plus car and bike routes are perfect for spending a day or two in Tallinn surroundings.

By clicking on the certain area the Google Map's app the map opens. It is an easy way to use it while putting your itinerary together as well as to use as an online map to orienteer in the area. To be able to use the map, your smart device would have to be connected to the Internet.  You can also use the map without the Internet connection as long as the map is downloaded beforehand. The GPS-signal is neccesary to have. Virtual guide of Harju County leads you to the twelve most interesting areas in Tallinn surroundings by giving you a detailed information about each area. You can find information about cultural, historical and military sights but also about hiking trails, accommodation, camping sites, beaches, catering options/ eating options/ places to eat, harbours and shopping. 

On top of the location and the basic information of the sights and areas, you can also learn about fascinating facts and legends!

The car and bike routes of each area are recommendable and put together to help with planning a trip. 

All maps are available on visitharju.ee website in Estonian and English.

Enjoy discovering Harju County!

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