Guided snowshoe hike in Koitjärve Bog

Guided snowshoe hike in Koitjärve Bog

We will start and finish the hike at Kulli campfire site. The hike crosses eskers and mesotrophic mires. If we are lucky, we might see traces of elks and wild boars. In the winter, we might notice the tracks of black grouses, foxes, and even lynxes. Once we reach the bog, the trail passes by many bog pools, until we reach bigger lakes. In about three hours, we will get back to the campfire site, where we can share impressions and enjoy the campfire. The hike is an excellent opportunity to see an area, which was closed between 1953–1991. Back then, Koitjärve Bog was a part of the Pavlov forest industry, which was part of the military. This is why the bog has survived in its most ancient form. The minimum fee for a group of up to 10 people is 300 euros, the fee for each additional person is 26 euros.
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