Liiapeksi–Aegviidu hiking trail (27 km)

Liiapeksi–Aegviidu hiking trail (27 km)

2.5 km of the trail is covered with a boardwalk, partially overlapping with Paukjärve and Jussi nature trails. The trail includes a number of camping sites and areas for barbecues, making it perfect for two- or three-day hikes. The trail is marked with red ribbons on trees and it also overlaps with the Oandu–Aegviidu–Ikla hiking route (white-red-white ribbons). As the trail goes through Lahemaa National Park and Põhja-Kõrvemaa nature reserve, you must pay attention to the restrictions stipulated by law.  NB! Due to a disagreement with landowners regarding the trail passing through their properties, a 5 km section of the hiking trail between Liiapeksi–Järvi–Pikkjärve has been closed. The diverse and beautiful landscapes is worth exploring!

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