The Naissaar Island southern trail, 12 km

The Naissaar Island southern trail, 12 km

The Island of Naissaar, Narghetn in 1297, later also Nargö and Nargen, is an island located in the Gulf of Tallinn, 8.5 km from mainland. The island measures at 11 km in length and 4 km in width. The island mainly covered by forest has been a nature park since 1995. To make exploring the island easier, there is a 12 km hiking trail south from the harbour,  with 11 spots for viewing the surroundings. It is also known as a culture trail: by the trail, there are the Naissaare Church, a cemetery,  a chapel and Sepa Farm, where the famous optician Bernhard Schmidt was born and raised. The trail largely runs along roads and it can be travelled on a bike. The trail is designated with white and blue markings on the trees.

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