Türisalu klint and platform

Türisalu klint and platform

Türisalu klint is one of the most impressive nature object on the Northern Estonian limestone coast, towering up to 31 metres. Platform of the Türisalu klint with its romantic sea view and easy access is a popular destination among the citizens of Tallinn; the high vantage point affords a breathtaking view of the sea and Vääna-Jõesuu beach. During a windy day, you can enjoy the view without leaving your car in the car park by the platform. If you would like to get closer to waves, then you should use a trail descending along the klint. Trails go in both directions from the platform; if you go east, or to the right, you can see the wonderful limestone klint from underneath.
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Türisalu panga vaatekoht
Türisalu panga vaatekoht

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